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Point to Point Solution / AP Solution

An organisation having multiple branches inside the city may want to interconnect all the branches through a private wireless network to manage Internet disruptions at the branches. A manufacturing plant in the outskirts of the city may want to connect with the city office for accessing Internet. An organisation may want to build an emergency access network to its office when key employees are unable to commute due to natural calamities and other disruptions. A city office may want to view the live CCTV video feed of a remote manufacturing plant.

CORAL INFORMATICS Wireless excels in delivering reliable private wireless networks for above such scenarios. We specialize in analysis, planning, designing and installing wireless back-haul solutions for Enterprises, Manufacturers, Shipping Ports, Education Institutes, Hotels, and Hospitals etc. We can quickly implement Gigabit throughput wireless links for customers and save many months of precious time and millions spent on leased line or fiber network commissioning.

There are two types of private wireless connections available: Point to Point wireless & Point to Multipoint wireless.

Point to Point Wireless or Wireless bridging can be used to replace leased lines and Fiber cabling for linking two locations, usually separated by few hundreds of meters up to many kilometers. The connection can be made using either unlicensed or licensed frequencies.

A professional site survey will be conducted by Accolade Wireless to ascertain the viability of the links. The site survey will help to estimate the type of wireless communication equipment required, radio tower height (if needed), expected bandwidths etc. The final outcome of the survey and analysis of applications will help us to recommend the right solution to our customers.

Multiple remote locations can be connected to a central nodal network through Point to Multipoint Wireless networking. They are ideal for connecting multiple buildings inside a campus, multiple end-users across a city, various security control systems & IP surveillance cameras inside a campus etc. Multipoint networking is highly flexible, cost effective and hassle-free, when compared to wired networks. It is especially useful in cases where multiple end-user locations are spread-out within few kilometers and have to be reliably connected to a common central location.